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What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Lead To


When there is a Vitamin D deficiency it is called Hypovitaminosis D.  Reasons for deficiency Deficiency arises due to Heredity reasons (this happens less frequently)Decreased exposure to sunlight that contains ultra violet B rays. This may be on cloudy days, in winter, in places of low latitudes and in the polar …

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How Does Stretching Relieve Stress


Do we often think that how does stretching help in relieving stress? The answer lies in the fact that through stretching the tensed muscles in the body can relax and we can experience a calming effect throughout the body. If we have good knowledge about which particular muscle to stretch …

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How To Relieve Office Stress


No doubt stress nourishes our hidden talent and helps us groom our capabilities but in excess it can greatly affect our efficiency. Stress can be of any thing. It can be work stress, salary stress or team stress. Excess stress is quite irritating and it can bring negative thoughts in …

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Foods To Boost Up Brain Power


Have you been thinking of what brain food is and what effects it has to the brain? Brain food is the food which contains nutrients that help in improving the brain, for instance the foods that will help clear blockages of blood vessels of the brain and also keep the …

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Stress Hormones And Health


Stress hormones, namely cortisol, GH, and Norepinephrine are released at the time people go through high stress. The system responsible for regulating the hormones is known as the endocrine system. The hormone Cortisol is believed to affect the metabolic system and the hormone norepinephrine is responsible for ADHD (attention deficit …

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