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ISKCON Temple is located in Sector 36B, Dakshin Marg in Chandigarh. The shrine is one of several chain temples spread all over the country and across the world. Temple Inside The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha and is visited by thousands of devotees all through the year. …

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March sees 487% jump of Covid cases In Chandigarh


The month of March has seen around 5,000 Covid cases against 845 in February, registering an increase of 487 percent. At 4,963, the number of cases recorded this month is the highest in five months since October and the second-highest ever since the pandemic began. The number of tests conducted …

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Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills


People struggling to lose weight use diet pills for this purpose. Diet pills are strong and powerful drugs. Even prescription diet pills can cause harmful side effects. However, the advantages that these pills can provide should be weighed against the harmful effects they can cause. The decision of starting diet pills should be taken …

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Slim Fast Diet Plan


The slim fast diet plan is for those who want to shed weight and appear quite slim. In this plan of the company, you can use a wide range of products available in the market in your diet. You must be familiar with diet shakes that are used by weight …

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Your Body Positioning And Posture Say About You

perfect body

An individual’s posture and body positioning say a lot about the person and his/her upbringing. They are a major part of a person’s body language and reflect their attitude towards things and people in general to a great deal. The posture and body positioning of people differ if they are …

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Rose Garden: Beauty of Chandigarh

Rose garden Chandigarh city

Whenever we think of peace, only one thought comes to our mind that is Garden. And Chandigarh is also known for its greenery. The world’s most beautiful and clean gardens are situated in Awesome Chandigarh  If we are talking about small parks Chandigarh’s planners were designed every park in every …

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