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Body Cleanse Diet


Body Cleansing diets are called as detox diets. Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins and other unhealthy compounds from the body and most specifically the liver. The liver itself performs detoxification functions as it serves as the body’s filter. Under body cleanse diet the detoxification process happens to the …

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Diet Plan For Heart Patients

vitamin d foods

Heart patients certainly need to let food heal their hearts. A heart patient needs to use food in several ways so that he/she is able to get ample benefits out of it. Overweight Heart Patients They must aim for a diet that will enable them to lose weight and make …

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What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Lead To


When there is a Vitamin D deficiency it is called Hypovitaminosis D.  Reasons for deficiency Deficiency arises due to Heredity reasons (this happens less frequently)Decreased exposure to sunlight that contains ultra violet B rays. This may be on cloudy days, in winter, in places of low latitudes and in the polar …

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Should We Take Vitamin D Supplements

vitamin D supplements

A group of fat-soluble prohormones, that help greatly in the absorption and use of calcium and magnesium in the body, is collectively called Vitamin D. Sunlight is a rich and natural source of Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin.  There are five types of …

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Your Body Positioning And Posture Say About You

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An individual’s posture and body positioning say a lot about the person and his/her upbringing. They are a major part of a person’s body language and reflect their attitude towards things and people in general to a great deal. The posture and body positioning of people differ if they are …

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Foods That Can Save Your Memory


People often are worried that they are losing their memory power. Memory loss can be worrying particularly in older people as it is an early symptom of serious problems like Alzheimer’s disease. Diet can play a vital role in saving memory power by keeping the brain active and young. The …

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Stress Hormones And Health


Stress hormones, namely cortisol, GH, and Norepinephrine are released at the time people go through high stress. The system responsible for regulating the hormones is known as the endocrine system. The hormone Cortisol is believed to affect the metabolic system and the hormone norepinephrine is responsible for ADHD (attention deficit …

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Celebrity Fitness Tips


The secret behind celebrity fitness is not just genetics as they put in a lot of hard work to maintain their sculptured bodies. Almost every celebrity hires their own personal trainer who helps them in their workout sessions. By following celebrity fitness tips one can learn about the healthy ways …

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Do You Find Excuses For Not Exercising


Most of the individuals do not take their time out to exercise, not knowing that it is very important and healthy. This is so because several people from almost all parts of the world suffer from obesity or overweight especially adults. This shows that people are not concerned with exercising and have …

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