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Clear Skin Diet


Everybody would have heard of the popular saying “you are what you eat”. Eating good food will have a good effect on your skin. In order to have clear glowing skin, the first thing to keep in mind is eating the right food in the right quantities. Junk foods give …

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Idiot Proof Diet


One can only get details about the Idiot Proof diet by signing up for the diet plan through a website called Fat Loss for Idiots. After paying up for the membership, you will gain access and be able to view this website that provides you with information and details about …

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Tips To Burn Extra Calories


Most people face one of the major health problems – obesity. Obesity not only makes you feel complex and odd in your social circle but also brings along various diseases like heart diseases and cancer. To avoid being one of the victims of obesity people exercise and work out in …

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Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills


People struggling to lose weight use diet pills for this purpose. Diet pills are strong and powerful drugs. Even prescription diet pills can cause harmful side effects. However, the advantages that these pills can provide should be weighed against the harmful effects they can cause. The decision of starting diet pills should be taken …

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Body Cleanse Diet


Body Cleansing diets are called as detox diets. Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins and other unhealthy compounds from the body and most specifically the liver. The liver itself performs detoxification functions as it serves as the body’s filter. Under body cleanse diet the detoxification process happens to the …

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Slim Fast Diet Plan


The slim fast diet plan is for those who want to shed weight and appear quite slim. In this plan of the company, you can use a wide range of products available in the market in your diet. You must be familiar with diet shakes that are used by weight …

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Diet Plan For Heart Patients

vitamin d foods

Heart patients certainly need to let food heal their hearts. A heart patient needs to use food in several ways so that he/she is able to get ample benefits out of it. Overweight Heart Patients They must aim for a diet that will enable them to lose weight and make …

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Sonakshi Sinha on Weight Loss


A myriad of interviews has been conducted by well-known magazines about Sonakshi Sinha on weight loss, after the success of her film, Dabangg. Sonakshi had become an overnight sensation after the magnificent box office results of Dabangg. But people who had seen Sonakshi before her film, Dabangg were quite surprised …

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How Kareena Kapoor Attained Zero Size

kareena kapoor

Zero as a number never had a value. But when digits were added before the number ZERO, it gave birth to a Value. When we go down memory lane, whenever people visualized a movie actress… she had to be fair, tall, pretty, and a voluptuous figure to reveal. Even the …

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Kareena Kapoor Diet and Exercise Routine

Kareena kapoor diet plan

Kareena Kapoor has been on the list of the ten most desirable Indian women ever since she made her film debut in “Refugee”.  She has inherited the legacy of three generations of the first family of Hindi filmdom. While her histrionic abilities have been proven time and again, she is …

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