Problems faced by Indian immigrants in Canada

As per the new data of Canada, Indian-Canadians are growing so faster in populations of Canada, and Chinese Canadian are the second-largest non-European in Canada, Canada consist of the world’s eighth-largest Indian emigration.

Due to the more strict immigration systems under the American government, the quantity of Indians who are becoming permanent residence in Canada has increased to double since 2016. Also, the number of Indian students graduating from universities of Canada is increased to 20% from 2016. This is also compelling them to settle their

Life In Canada As Compared To India

Living in a new country will bring a lot of challenges, whatever your country is doesn’t matter experiences that are faced are the same for migrants across the earth. While Indian immigrants to Canada may face some or all of those issues, or all the issues, these are the common problems faced by Indian immigrants in Canada:


Language is at the top of the list of issues facing Indian immigrants not even in Canada but in any country. knowing to speak their language (or not) affects almost every area of life during which we’ve to communicate with others. From employment to academic institutions, to handily understanding your way around or buying things, learning the understandable language is crucial. Within the case of Canada, French may well be an official language recognized by the government. If  you speak English well it will be very useful for you to communicate with others because English is a global language but the only problem there gonna be occur will be understanding the British accent of the natives


Employment Opportunities 

The next problem that many new Indian immigrants generally face is when beginning life in a new country other than India is getting an adequate job. Most of the companies’ jobs there will be asking an experience certified for some other companies, so finding a high-paying job at the initial stage of immigration will be a little bit difficult. But you can find a good company or industry for the first few years or months to gain a credible experience certificate.


The next and basic need for anybody shifting to a new region or nation is to get a safe shelter. Language obstacles can be a huge portion of the difficulty for immigrants but the scarcity of regional awareness or how will be the housing market works in your new country can also create problems. The best way to solve the problem is to make research in advance and try to contact as well as connect with agencies who can help you to find a new house that will solve this problem up to an extent. Doing this before migrating to a new place is more advised because then you will be obtaining a nice house without any complications. Now the internet permits you to investigate the local circumstance more so than in the past


Weather is a factor that people may consider when shifting to any new country. Canada is so different from India also in the type of weather, it has cold weather but at the same time, the temperature in summer can go up to 35 degrees Celsius and also can low up to – 25 degrees Celsius on the winder. The climate condition will be varied by the region that you are gonna live in. The most popularised areas will be having moderate climate conditions. Due to this sudden climate change, there is a high chance of getting cold for new immigrants. Also, you should be covering yourself with jackets to protect e from the cold.

Cultural difference

A lot of the immigrants report that, on reaching, it’s the cultural differences that create a huge difficulty. This can be varied from (Indianan)social customs to more crucial problems such as attitudes towards gender, religious diversity, ethnicity, and sexuality, this is because Canadian culture is entirely different from Indian culture. For a new person in the country, it will be a little bit different to adjust to all. It may be creating self-isolation from others this may be overseeing serious mental issues.

Transportation issues 

Getting access to transportation is essential to make access to additional things like education and employment easier. Immigrants including Indians with be facing particular problems in this respect on two levels.

The first one, the Indiana driving license is not recognized in Canada, Which means you need to get a new one under the Canadian government for yourself that may cost you more. The second one is the language problem can, again, make conveying or even discovering helpful regional public transport services is a hard task.



This is the main and cruel feature that is faced by immigrants not only from India but across the world. However, with an advanced legal system and high increase diverse community, Canada has a lot of supporting services include social services, community, and peer groups, along with a modern police force that has strong diversity and anti-racism policies,  which are accessible for people facing racial issues but still discrimination and racism is seen in Canada.

Raising children  

The main problem that is faced by Indian parents when bringing their children to Canada is –

Children are likely to be soon engaged in a new culture so there are a lot of chances of not following Indian culture in Canada this may be due to their schooling or peers.

The next problem will be faced by the children, It will be so different for them to adapt to a new education system other than the Indiana system. The Canadian education system is much more advanced compared to India.

Even though these many problems are faced by the Indian immigrants in Canada, Canada is a good place to settle down. And also there are lots of Indian organs that are settled over there, and leading a better life. The immigration laws will be helping everyone to find the right path.

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