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Learn Yoga Fitness Tips From Anjali Kunwar

One of Chandigarh’s most celebrated yoga influencer, Anjali Kunwar recently came into the limelight on social media platforms, where she guided many youngsters and become the inspiration of everyone who wants to live a healthy life. Here is the conversation with Anjali Kunwar on her fitness journey.

Q1: Tell us a little bit about your start-up and your Journey.

It was the Cervical issue that brought me into Yoga field. Funny, right?

I was suffering from a Cervical issue in the year 2018 a lot. I went through a lot of difficult times due to severe pain. To resolve the Cervical issue, I learned Yoga from someone who helped me get relief on my Cervical issue. Then I decided to do the Masters in Yoga and also done Diploma in Panch-karma Therapy field. And that is how I got into Yoga field.

As I was already witnessing so many benefits of doing Yoga and mastering advanced Asanas, I decided to teach Yoga to those who are suffering from any medical problems. I started to grow my followers on Instagram, FB, and other social media platforms. But I had no prior teaching experience at all and due to this I was quite nervous when one day, one of my Canadian followers expressed his strong desire to learn Yoga from me. I was quite nervous as I had no idea or plan for how to teach him. But I took it as a challenge. At that time, I was in my Village, Uttarakhand, Chamoli where even the internet connection was not stable and strong. But I still did not get discouraged and after providing the demo class, I planned all Yoga goals for my first student and began my journey on a first success. After a few weeks of Yoga sessions, he also recommended me to his friends in US and Canada. I also started getting students from India and other countries like UK and Dubai. That’s how my Yoga journey started and I am growing quite well.

Q2: Why only choose a Yoga fitness trainer?

Yoga is divine. Yoga does not just heal your body part or pain, but Yoga develops your spiritual capabilities as well. When I learned Yoga to heal my Cervical problem, I witness the power of Yoga myself. And that’s what motivated me to teach Yoga to people who are suffering from illnesses/ health issues and in parallel while teaching Yoga to my students, I kept getting benefitted from regular practice.

Q3: What accomplishments you have done recently?

Recently I have crossed over 1,27,000 followers on Instagram which also in return started to get me promotions for various products.
Also, I now have all my calendar booked with Students across the globe.

Q4: What comes first? Money or Physical Health

Physical Health is obviously the most important thing in life. If you are Physically and Mentally fit, only then money can be earned.

Q5: What advice would you like to give to Chandigarh’s people?

Life is precious. Never waste your precious life in mundane things like oversleeping, watching TV, scrolling mobile, etc. Respect your own life and use it for your own betterment. Spare at least an hour learning and doing Yoga. Peruse the activities you love the most outside your professional life. And thoroughly enjoy life from all aspects.

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