Craft Village Of City – Kalagram

One of the popular places which you need to visit whenever you arrive in Chandigarh is Kalagram. It is a popular craft village that is one of the major tourist attractions. Kalagram is located on the street when you head towards Panchkula from Chandigarh.

Every year, it hosts the National Crafts Festival which lasts up to 10 days. Various folk artists, cultural dancers, singers, and traditional craftsmen arrive to showcase their talent. The Kalagram village was set up to preserve the cultural heritage and revive the local craftsmen and artisans. Various handicraft materials such as clothing, home furniture, lifestyle, and architecture attract tourists around the year.

Baithak: One of the major attractions of Kalagram is “Baithak” which is a specifically designed restaurant in Punjabi style. It offers several lip-smacking dishes of Punjabi cuisine.

Baithak Kalagram Chandigarh

Citco Da Vehra: Another attraction is “Citco Da Vehra” which is a mansion designed in a Punjabi style with colorful decorations. The grand entrance and beautiful greenery make this place extraordinary and give a glimpse of the historical provinces of Punjab.

Glassy Bar: You can also organize exotic parties at the next stop which is the “Glassy Bar.” Here people organize get-togethers and enjoy dancing with spectacular lighting and music.

Kala gram chandigarh house craft mela

Virasat Museum: Along with that Kalagram also has a museum called “Virasat Museum,” which is the exhibition hall, is a potpourri of relics and works of art from the area including Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh and it has been set up inside the Baithak, Kalagram Complex. It is a focal point of fascination for the guests. The utensils, gems, ceramics, works of art, old articles, and different materials like cultivating instruments, Charkha (Spinning Wheel), and so forth have been shown in the exhibition hall. Sanjhi Mata is adored amid Navrataras in the country.


Not only this, Kalagram offers several foods that attract visitors from across the world. This is a great initiative by the government to preserve and introduce Indian tradition to the world. It is a great place to rejoice and explore rural India in a modern and organized way with friends and family. 

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