Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Everyone would like to say “My face is my fortune” like the Pretty Maid of the popular nursery rhyme.  Earlier, it was considered that a flawless complexion was the prerogative of a fortunate few.  Not so today! There are several thousands of products in the market that claim to create a younger and more beautiful you. Many of them do bring about an aesthetic change to your looks. Yet, there is nothing to beat the fact that home remedies for glowing skin work well and are harmless.  

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Skincare, whatever the type of skin, involves three steps, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.


  • For older people, the cleanser should have more moisture content
  • Cleansers meant for sensitive skin are suitable for those who are prone to allergic breakouts
  • Those with acne-prone skin should use cleansers that are specially formulated to fight acne 

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Toning the skin shrinks pores.

There are several toners and you should carefully choose what suits your skin- whether you want an anti-aging formula or a toner formulated to fight acne.  

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Moisturizing the skin is done for three reasons

To protect the skin from harmful UV rays (the SPF should be at least 15 for good results), to keep the skin smooth and even, and to retain its moisture and prevent drying up. Moisturizer should be applied both in the morning and at night on clean dry skin for best results.

While this skincare regime should be followed for maintaining healthy skin, there are several home remedies that can help your skin glow. The tips are easy to follow and the results are remarkable.  

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Tips for a glowing skin

A simple and very effective formula to fight problems of oily skin: In a tablespoon of warm milk squeeze a freshly cut lemon until the milk curdles. Apply this milk to your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off. Do this every day for the best results

Apply a mixture of honey and milk on your face for 20 minutes, for naturally glowing skin.

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The juice of a carrot applied regularly works wonders on blemishes. Rubbing a potato peel on your face is effective against blemishes too

Placing thin cotton pads (dipped in cold juice of the cucumber) on closed eyes will take care of dark circles around the eyes and also refresh the eyes

 Mash orange peel with milk to prepare a natural bleach

Pure sandalwood paste is a natural skin conditioner. Apply it for a few hours twice a week for a glowing skin

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skin care and glow

Mix yogurt with finely ground rice flour to make a paste. Use it as a face pack. This removes the excess oil from the skin

Papaya paste and banana paste make excellent face packs too

Prepare a face mask out off honey and eggs to combat undue tanning

A mixture of cucumber juice and milk makes a great cleanser

Cotton pads dipped in chilled cucumber juice will reduce dark circles under the eyes.

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Diets rich in fluids, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in anti-oxidants will keep your skin looking young glowing naturally. 

Glowing skin is an asset coveted by all women. It is easy to achieve a great complexion today with all the resources and knowledge available. There is a three-step regime to keep the skin well conditioned, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. There are several home remedies to have glowing skin.

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